KTM does more than manufacturer motorcycles. They craft, sculpt, and forge some of the most powerful racing, street, and dirt bikes in the industry.

Each bike is built around four main pillars of success — the level of adventure, the purity of design, the quality of performance, and the extreme circumstances they will undertake.

As you can see in the video, the full range of KTM motorcycles are “Ready to Race,” and below we’ll tell you why.

You can take on any adventure with a KTM motorcycle.

All KTM bikes, whether designed for racing or for the street, are built with a need for adventure. Designed to help push you to your limits, bikes like the 2016 Enduro R or 2016 1190 Adventure have the technology, looks, and materials to succeed under any amount of pressure.

KTM provides a purity of design that wastes no space or weight.

One of the most important aspects of KTM motorcycles is their “Ready to Race” appearance. This is best achieved with a simplistic design that houses the necessities, and nothing more. This bare necessities look offers improved functionality, comfort, and overall appeal. With KTM design, there’s no room for anything other than adventure.

Unparalleled performance furthers KTM’s Ready to Race philosophy.

Thrilling and effortless — the cornerstones of KTM’s performance ideals. Fully-equipped with advanced KTM parts and technology, these celebrated bikes are ready to race toward victory.

KTM bikes are designed to help you conquer even the most extreme circumstances.

Success is never guaranteed, even on a KTM, which is why each motorcycle is designed to continually push you toward your goals, no matter how extreme they may be. If you want the intense thrills and raw emotion that KTM can provide, don’t play it safe. Challenging yourself in extreme circumstances is a way of life with KTM.

To feel the thrill for yourself, contact or schedule a test ride today at your local KTM dealer, Garcia Moto in Raleigh, North Carolina. With a variety of brand specialists on staff to help, you’re sure to find the KTM that speaks to you.